Inter Avionics Inc.
Serving the Pacific Northwest and beyond

Inter Avionics is located at the Tri Cities Airport in Pasco Washington, USA. (KPSC)

We share a hangar with a great FBO, our good friends at
Bergstrom Aircraft, who can attend to your fuel, airframe
and engine, etc. while your aircraft is with us for your avionics work.

Telephone: (509)-547-3004


Sales representatives: The publication of our number and e-mail address in plain text on the web is NOT an example of an "a priori business relationship" and does not entitle you to violate the Do Not Call registry. We save your number. We file reports. We follow through. You don't want the headache.

We're not interested in doing anything to our google listing. We neither need nor want your SEO services and we write this page ourselves.

In short: