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ADS-B Questions Answered Here!

So, the mandate has come and gone and you still aren't equipped. Now what? What's available?

This is by no means a comprehensive list. These are devices we have installed or have experience with. There are many more options but these are what we have determined, as of Oct 2020, to be the best available solutions for fixed singles in GA.

If you don't see it mentioned here, there's probably a reason.

Appareo Stratus ES Series

Available with and without an internal WAAS receiver and with or without the popular Stratus receiver, the ES, ESG and ESGi are all decent solutions with a reasonable price. They are also, by far, the easiest of the panel mounts to install, which eases installation costs.

Best Use: Simple replacement of your current transponder with the ability to add ADS-B IN later (though you save some $$$ if you get the ESGi kit from the start).

Garmin GTX Series

Also available with and without a WAAS GPS receiver and with and without an ADS-B IN receiver, the GTX series transponders are legendarily reliable and are built with the same strength and quality that we've all come to expect of Garmin.

Best Use: There is essentially no difference between Appareo and Garmin's offerings in this. They are priced similarly and perform similarly. I would probably stick with Garmin if you already had a Garmin stack, just for cosmetic reasons.

Garmin GNX Series

It's like the L3 Lynx NGT system, but the GPS can actually be used as a Nav source instead of just sitting there looking pretty. Less expensive, as well. You get a WAAS GPS and an ADS-B transponder with traffic and weather display all in one space-saving unit.

Garmin GDL Series

This is a UAT solution, valid for use in the continental US only. It's a good pairing with a reliable mode A/C transponder. The installation requires removing quite a lot of interior, usually, so it might not be the savings you'd expect based on it's relatively low equipment price. If you're transponder is an old Narco or Cessna ARC, don't make the mistake of trying to tack this on. Just get a reasonable transponder that already has ADS-B. Trig Avionics TT-3X Series

Trig makes a nice transponder at a reasonable price. It's a good ADS-B compliant mode S transponder. It's so nice, in fact, that some manufacturers are re-selling it as their own with a generous markup.

Best Use: Best for aircraft that already have a compatible GPS source, as it doesn't have a GPS receiver. You can add a TN-72 but then the costs make it about the same as a GTX or ESG install.

Trig Avionics TT-22

Same performance and quality as the TT-3X, but in a package with an integrated encoder and a remote head.

Best Use: Paired with their receiver, this makes for a very flexible device that can be installed in nearly anything. No space in your Citabria? Want to save weight in your glider? This might save your day.

uAvionix tailBeacon/SkyBeacon

Don't. If you need elaboration as to why, call. We'll be glad to explain.

So now what?

Decide what you're going to do with the aircraft. If you're going to be flying into and out of busy airspaces, please, get ADS-B IN. It can save your life.

If you're kitting up a bushplane, bear in mind that UAT solutions like the GDL aren't legal for Canadian airspace.

Above all, don't hesitate to stop by and ask or even call in if you have any questions.